Appropriate use

  • Once a quarter, take your mattress out into the sun to air it well. If you can’t take it outside, you can air it daily for 30 minutes with open windows. This helps to remove moisture, especially during the winter which is the main cause of mattress odor.
  • Turn it quarterly up and down and front to back, pillow top mattresses front and back only.
  • Do not bend the mattress because there is a risk of deformation and destruction.
  • Do not use it as a “trampoline” for children.
  • Keep it dry. Wash the sheets at high temperatures and iron them well to kill various microorganisms and place them dry on top of the mattress.
  • For the proper support of the mattress, orthopedic bases with dense slats, and 4cm springs should be used. To support the mattress evenly and securely. The gap between them should not be more than 4cm.
  • On uniform surfaces, e.g. particle board, there is a risk that the materials will deteriorate, due to poor ventilation of the materials.
  • Do not iron the mattress.
  • Protect it from liquids and clean it locally only with special cleaners.
  • For overweight people, ask for special construction with many narrow dense springs. The so-called mini-Bonell.
  • Always use a cover for protection for long mattress life.
  • The mattress when (to have a gap of 1-2cm laterally and lengthwise. It is the only way to expand, without being deformed by side surfaces. The sommie of the base of the mattress should be without protrusions, curves, and bulges and should be on a straight surface.
  • Due to the nature of the materials (wadding, foam materials, latex, etc.), the mattress may have a thickness deviation of up to 10%, from the first use.

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