Better sleep, than sorry!

Welcome to the constellation of ORION

Over 25 years of experience

Sleep is a source of health, joy, and longevity. With this as a principle that drives the business model of our company, ORION Strom tries every day to offer you the opportunity to enjoy quality sleep and create the bases for a life full of health, well-being, and positive energy.

With an emphasis on quality, detail, and innovation, we produce quality mattresses, pillows, and sleeping products, through specialized home and professional collections, which guarantee the ideal choice for the needs of every occasion.

From yesterday to today

ORION Strom is a separate brand of ORIONAS SA, which is a continuation of ARKTOS SA, originally founded in 1998. Our headquarters are located at the 12th km. P.Ε.Ο. Thessaloniki – Kilkis, with the object of our work to include the manufacture and distribution of mattresses and sleeping products, as well as the import and export of materials for the industry of mattresses, linen, upholstery fabrics, living room materials, packaging, and partial processing of fabrics and foam and mattress production.

State-of-art machinery & equipment

Investing in state-of-the-art machinery, equipped with innovative functions that ensure high production and eco-friendly consumption, is the main tactic of ORION Strom. Our privately owned facilities host:

  • Automatic state-of-the-art multi-needle electronic quilters with automatic electronic cutters
  • Polyester ball production line
  • Automatic electronic fabric cutters
  • Fabric welding line
  • Automatic electronic foam cutting machine
  • Automatic spring production line (bonnell & pocket)
  • High-quality mattress production line

Teamwork makes miracles!

Our biggest investment, however, remains our human resources. ORION Strom makes sure that it has excellently trained human resources that are distinguished for their specialized knowledge, reliability, and willingness to be next to your needs.

Our philosophy

Focusing on our client’s needs, we work tirelessly to discover new development perspectives that will add quality to your life and help you to live up to the best version of yourself. Through continuous research and contact with your real needs, our goal is to continuously improve our products and services, ensuring the conditions for physical and mental health.