Contribution to society

Corporate Social Responsibility

We feel responsible to society as a whole and we realize the critical role we can play with our business choices. For this reason, we listen carefully to the needs that arise in society and we are fully prepared to contribute to actions aimed at establishing a better tomorrow for all.

In this context, ORION Strom through its partnerships, proceeded in the period 2021-2022 to:

  • Mattresses supply in a unit of the Greek Army, in the context of our wider effort for contribution to the National Defense of the country
  • Mattresses and sleeping products supply domestically and in the EU to meet the immediate needs of refugee accommodation structures
  • Mattresses supply in hospitals and nursing homes
  • Mattresses supply in municipal kindergartens
  • Mattresses & sleeping products supply in competent structures and social associations
  • Mattresses supply in penitentiaries