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Quality, Expertise, Research

The production process of ORIONAS SA pioneers with technological equipment and experienced technical staff.

The production of the mattresses of ORION Strom takes place in the privately-owned facilities in 11,000 sq.m. at the 12th km of P.E.O. Thessaloniki-Kilkis. The selection of top European certified materials, the many years of know-how in human resources, and the latest generation equipment in machines, create unique layers in quality and appearance.

Contemporary production methods

The production process of ORION mattresses starts from the construction of bonnell or pocket springs, their composition in a crate, the quilt, and the processing of the foam materials. It is completed with the final composition and the seam of the mattress.

The hinges, as well as the foam materials, are glued to the base of the mattress with hotmelt and water-based human-friendly adhesives. All fabrics are certified Standard 100 Oeko-Tex and undergo special processing.

Custom orders for different sleep needs

Every person is special. The same goes for his sleep needs. This is why ORION Strom mattresses are not stored. They are made directly to order and sent to the final consumer. Depending on the quality of the layer, the composition is made with a careful selection of materials. Our unlimited construction possibilities promise the ideal mattress you need for a restful sleep.