Payment methods

Before making the purchase, the prospective buyer should be informed in detail about the characteristics of the products, the delivery time, and the cost of transportation. The reason is the often subjective feeling that each of us can have about a sleep product and the constant changes in transport nationwide. For the convenience and service of all those who wish to buy from our company’s online store, has the following payment methods:


1. Charge your credit or debit card

Because our mattresses are manufactured from scratch in our company, it is necessary to start the production process, the confirmation of payment, and order. The card is charged on the day the production process starts and then the products are shipped. Products that are manufactured according to the specifications of the e-shop or are personalized, for which the credit card is charged immediately after the confirmation of your order. By selecting the specific payment method, you will be transferred to Piraeus bank’s secure transaction environment, where you will be asked for all your card details.

In this case, the full amount of the order is charged.


It is necessary to provide a contact phone number and a valid e-mail address.

In case your credit card is not approved by your bank, the company reserves the right to cancel your order.

In case of payment by credit card, the credit card holder or a person specially authorized by him must be present during the delivery of the products.


2. Deposit to a bank account

100% of the value of the products the transfer via web banking to the following accounts:

NATIONAL BANK SA IBAN: GR2101102360000023647054248
PIRAEUS BANK SA IBAN: GR7101717100006710116528672
EFG/EUROBANK ERGASIAS SA IBAN: GR5402602820000160200679664
ALPHA/ALPHA BANK SA IBAN: GR1301407030703002002015958

The shipping costs of the products are borne by the buyer.

Your order will start executing when it is confirmed that the amount has been deposited. To speed up the process, please send us the proof of payment and your order number and name to

Transfer costs from another bank are borne by the buyer. The full amount of the order must be transferred to our bank account to be executed. Otherwise, an additional deposit must be made at the bank’s expense.

The prices listed in the e-shop (our online store) include VAT. 24%.


3. Cash on delivery

In the case of cash on delivery, the customer deposits 50% of the total value of the order and writes his name and order number in the reason for the deposit. The remaining 50% can be paid by cash on delivery upon receipt of the ordered products. The areas we accept for the payment of the remaining amount of the total value of 50% by cash on delivery are all the cities of mainland Greece. In remote areas only after consultation and the cost of transport in these cases will be determined by agreement with the respective transport company and borne by the buyer. There is no cash on delivery costs.


4. In cash from our company headquarters

Address: 12km P.E.O. Thessaloniki – Kilkis, PO Box 57008

*Based on the current tax legislation, documents worth more than 500 euros to private individuals and professionals with retail receipts or invoices, are paid only by deposit, transfer to a bank account, or by debiting the credit card.