The mattress guarantee is given by ORIONAS SA – Orion Strom. is given on the condition that the mattress is used correctly and is covered against any manufacturing errors and material failure.

The company guarantees the full repair for the remaining period of the warranty as well as the technical inspection of the mattress. Replacement with a new layer is not possible.

In the case of misuse, the cost of repair and transport is borne by the customer and after consultation with ORIONAS SA. – ORION Strom. In the event of a manufacturing fault or material failure, the buyer and the end consumer will not be charged for repair and transportation.

The guarantee is valid from the date of manufacture indicated on the mattress and upon the issue of the purchase document.


  • When the instructions for use do not apply.
  • When any surface of the mattress is stained or torn.
  • When the mattress is placed improperly and with difficulty on the bed without having a gap of 1-2cm in length and width.
  • When the base, bed, or substrate has protrusions due to poor quality.
  • When the mattress is larger than the base of the bed or mattress.
  • When it is deformed during transport.
  • It has gotten wet or inappropriate cleaners have been used.
  • If the mattress becomes dirty or worn during transport, ORIONAS SA – Orion Strom bears no responsibility.
  • In case the softness or hardness does not meet the needs of the buyer, the return of the mattress is not accepted.
  • For the above reason, ORIONAS SA – ORION suggests testing the mattress before purchasing.

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